Vitamin B12 IM Shot: This is one of the 6 essential B vitamins and can normally be obtained through a diet of meat, fish, eggs and milk, therefore those following a vegetarian or vegan diet may struggle to get a sufficient amount. Even with a diet including those foods research has found that 1 in 12 women aged 19-39 are B12 deficient.  It has many benefits including help with low mood/mood swings, fatigue, migraines, increases energy levels and metabolism and even has the benefit of increasing sperm count in men. 

Vitamin B-Complex IM Shot: has all the benefits of all essential B vitamins. This includes protection and increased function of all your body’s systems, increased metabolism, energy boost, improving low mood, increased memory and concentration.

Vitamin C IM Shot – Vitamin C (ascorbic Acid) is important for boosting the immune system, plays a key role in collagen production, reduces signs of aging, maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth, detox and iron absorption.

Vitamin B12 IM Shot Vitamin B Complex IM Shot Vitamin C IM Shot
£35 each £50 each £35 each

Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments


Book 3 shots and get 
the 4th one free

Retinol peels can be included in the package post eligibility consultation at no additional cost.

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Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments.


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