PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

This is a great treatment that uses you body’s own natural healing process to both improve and reverse signs of aging, thinning/receding hair and alopecia and reduce the downtime from certain injuries by upto 60%!!

 Each PRP treatment involves having a small amount of your blood taken by highly skilled trained medical professional. This is then put into state of the art centrifuge where it separates and the plasma is then drawn up and reinjected.  The important element with in the plasma is the platelets, these are the smallest cells in the blood which when you experience an injury they go to the source and release multiple chemicals and growth factors the initiate stem cells to rebuild and strengthen.  Full results can be seen 4-6 weeks post treatment and depending on severity of treatment needed and the reason for your PRP treatment a program of treatment can be needed for best results.

Facial Rejuvenation (vampire facials)

Once stem cells are released they can regrow collagen and elastin amongst other important elements to skin anti aging.  It is essentially building something from nothing! This improves volumisation, tone, texture, under eye dark shadows, pigmentation. This treatment is paired with a mesotherapy to add vital vitamins and nutrients back into the skin for an extra boost that makes this treatment luxurious and indulgent with multiple antiaging benefits.

Scarring and Stretchmark Removal

PRP actually breaks down scar tissue so that healthy skin can come through.  This treatment is paired with a dermaroller to further stimulate stem cell release.  Combining these two methods ensures maximum results with minimum treatments required.

Hair Restoration

Using the same method, PRP can prevent, improve and reverse receding hairline, thinning/balding hair and alopecia.  This works by strengthening the hair follicle so that you get a thicker stronger hair and even multiple hairs coming from  the same follicle to improve thickness.

This treatment is combined with a peptide roller treatment using pharma hermetic products (winners of hair regrowth products 2021).  It is recommended that using the pharma Hermetic hair program products are also used to help controls improvement. 

PRP for Injury coming March 2022!

Cost per Treatment 20% off course of 3
£350 £840 (instead of £1050)

Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment steps graphic
Close up of PRP face injecting treatment of face of mature lady

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Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments.


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