IPL- NHS approved Lynton Technology

Only available at the Sanctuary Salon
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a therapy using state-of-the-art flash lamp technology for a number of cosmetic applications.  Treatment is mildly uncomfortable and often likened to the sensation of snapping the skin with an elastic band, cooling prior, during and post treatment is used to decrease discomfort. A free 30 minute consultation and patch test is required before any treatment can commence.


Using photothermolysis the light works by being drawn to the darker melanin in the hair shaft, which in turn heats up to destroy the follicle resulting in permanent hair reduction.  It can take 6-12 sessions to reach the desired result depending on a number of factors such as hair colour, coarseness and location of hair. 

Area x1 x6 (20% off)
Upper lip £110 £528
Chin £149 £715
Eyebrows or earlobes £175 £840
Cheeks and sideburns £225 £1080
Fingers, nipples, navel line or toes £65 £312
Hands, feet or jawline £75 £360
Underarm or Neck £85 £408
Standard bikini or buttocks £95 £456
Brazilian, lower arm, abdomen or upper arm £130 £624
Hollywood £165 £792
Full arm, lower leg or upper leg £180 £864
Full leg £275 £1320
Chest or stomach £140 £672
Full back or shoulders and upper arms £205 £984
Upper lip and chin or jawline and neck £110 £528
Full leg and standard bikini £305 £1464
Underarm and standard bikini £140 £672
Underarm and brazilian £165 £792
Underarm and hollywood £210 £1008
Chest and stomach £220 £1056

Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments

IPL Permanent Hair removal treatment on armpits
Man with bare-chest before and after laser hair removal

Get in touch to arrange a consultation

Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments.


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