IPL- NHS approved Lynton Technology

Only available at the Sanctuary Salon
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a therapy using state-of-the-art flash lamp technology for a number of cosmetic applications.  Treatment is mildly uncomfortable and often likened to the sensation of snapping the skin with an elastic band, cooling prior, during and post treatment is used to decrease discomfort. A free 30 minute consultation and patch test is required before any treatment can commence.


IPL treatment for acne is a great and effective method enabling our clients an alternative to medications that have some serious side effects. Different light delivered in IPL therapy targets and destroys two of the main bacteria found in acne. Also, the reversible gentle heating of sebaceous glands which reduce the sebum output can result in long term remission from acne. Increased fibroblast activity and collagen stimulation can improve mile acne scarring and accelerate the healing process. These work best in conjunction with chemical peels.

Area x1 x6 (20% off)
Half face £110 £528
Full face, shoulders or chest £149 £715
Full back £249 £1195

Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments

Skin pigmentation results after treatment

Get in touch to arrange a consultation

Consultations are free of charge but a £50 deposit is required for booking treatments.


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